THIS IS IT Team will ignite entrepreneurial success by equipping you with knowledge, strategies, belief, and resources to build a thriving business and unlock your full potential.

Welcome To THIS IS IT Team

THIS IS IT Team of Leaders want to welcome you to our team website. It is important to know that the training you will be receiving here is being taught from experience and not theory. These leaders have already built successful LifeWave Businesses and want to share their knowledge so you can experience the same success. The THIS IS IT Team of leader brings years of experience in Network Marketing to the table. The best experience you can receive is from these leaders experience. They have already learned what works and what does not. Remember, just like a franchise, the only way for them to win is for you and your team to achieve massive success. This is why you can trust the judgment of the incredible THIS IS IT Team of Leaders. THIS IS IT Team website will guide you through the steps, skills, and mindset needed for you and your team members to Win Big in LifeWave.

What makes us different

What sets this Network Marketing opportunity apart from any others is the uniqueness of X39, its exclusivity and the system that is in place for you to take advantage of. We can all agree that people lead busier lives than ever before which means they must depend on a system to teach, empower, and motivate their team members to grow their LifeWave business. By engaging and promoting the THIS IS IT support system everyone involved in the opportunity, no matter how busy you are, has the ability to achieve success in LifeWave.

Here is what Robert Kyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says about the importance of using a system and the power of building networks:

“Every business needs good systems to be successful. The better the system, the less dependent you become on others. The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work.”

What's important to remember

Network Marketing is so much different than generating income from any conventional job, business, profession, or career. The power of duplication that happens in Network Marketing when your entire team plugs into a proven system, allows the individual to earn an income that is not limited to only your own sweat equity. Instead of only getting paid for your own efforts, you will soon be generating income from a lot of people all putting in a small amount of effort to achieve their own dreams. From experience this duplication or the compound effect to where your business takes on a life of its own only happens when a system is in place that educates, inspires, and motivates those that you are bringing into the business.

One of the most important things you must understand, Network Marketing is a people business. You actually don't build a business, you build people and then people build their own business. You only win when you help others win. You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. Network Marketing is not a social club, it is a business.





Your enthusiasm shows the commitment you have made to LifeWave and X39. It
is very important to be optimistic and confident early which will allow you to
achieve your goals and run through the ranks at a rapid pace. You can build this
business fast and fun or slow and painful. We recommend you choose the first option.

Feed your enthusiasm and fuel your dream with a daily commitment to improving
yourself by reading books, watching training videos, and listening personal
development audios. Surround yourself with positive people; a good attitude is
contagious, and others will benefit from your enthusiasm and passion.



Take advantage of the THIS IS IT System, Zoom X39 Opportunity Launch
Events and Saturday Trainings. This is a plug and play system for you and your
team to simply learn, implement, and promote. Plug into the proven THIS IS IT
Support System to help you build and thrive in your LifeWave business.

Taking ownership, and being responsible, is key to building a succesful business.
Those who treat the LifeWave Opportunity like you would a real business will set
themselves up for success vs those who don’t take is serious or see it for as big as
the opportunity really is. See the LifeWave opportunity as a real business venture
and BECOME SUCCESSFUL. Let your thoughts, words and actions line up with your
desires, dreams and goals. Think success and you will be a success!


Be willing to learn. The THIS IS IT System is a well-oiled machine pumping out new
ranks at a rapid pace. It’s vital to be engaged yourself on the weekly zoom events
and have your team plugged in as well. Those who perfect promoting the THIS IS
IT Zoom Events will experience success with their LifeWave business. Have
stamina, and stay committed, be coachable in learning the skills sets needed in
becoming successful on the THIS IT Team.

THIS IS IT System PRO Strategy

THIS IS IT System PRO Strategy   

Be PRO Active In Your Business Everyday   
Implement PRO into your daily routine. Expect the THIS IT System PRO activities will bring you the results you are looking for. THIS IS IT Team does not place a number on how many people they PRO daily. You can Patch, Revisit, and Share The Opportunity with as many people as you want. Set a goal as to how many people you will reach out to and PRO each day. Write down their names and make it a priority to patch or call everyone on the list. 

Repeat that again the next day and revisit or follow up with those you spoke with the day before. Enroll those who are ready to achieve optimal health and win financially. Point everyone to one of the many opportunity Zooms happening weekly. Simply Replicate the PRO process daily.      

It’s important for you and your team to PRO daily. Plug into the THIS IS IT System, Zooms, Live Events, and Conventions to experience duplication in your business. Stay committed, remain consistent, and have stamina to achieve the success you are looking for in your LifeWave business. 

“The More you PRO The Faster You Grow”   


- Expose X39 Daily
- Prospect/Patch in Person
- Make Phone Calls
- Place X39 Samples



- Follow Up Daily With Those Who Have Been Introduced To X39


- Point to Weekly Zooms And Share X39 Presentation Daily




Be willing to learn. The THIS IS IT System is a well-oiled machine pumping out new ranks at a rapid pace. It’s vital to be engaged yourself on the weekly zoom events and have your team plugged in as well. Those who perfect promoting the THIS IS IT Zoom Events will experience success with their LifeWave business. Have stamina, and stay committed, be coachable in learning the skills sets needed in becoming successful on the THIS IT Team.





Diamond 20/20 Vision

The THIS IS IT System Diamond 20/20 Vision is a proven strategy in becoming a Senior Presidential Director (SPD), the highest rank in Lifewave. Purchasing a Lifewave X39 Diamond Package is the first step in accomplishing your 20/20 vision. This is important because the people you will be enrolling will ask what package did you come in with, or upgraded to and will duplicate what you did. Purchasing a Diamond Package will set you up for success as well as the team members you are bringing into your Lifewave business.

A Diamond Package basically sets you up as a mini warehouse, so you have plenty of patches to share as samples and in addition you will be able to loan sleeves to those joining your team. Again, you are just loaning not giving away sleeves. This allows your new team members to get off to a Fast Start, get testimonies for themselves, and the closest people they know before their X39 patches arrive. Because of the THIS IS IT Team sleeve loaning strategy new enrollees are experiencing 2-6 people getting sponsored before their package arrives. Once your new team members receive their initial order, they will replace the sleeves you loaned them.

Set a goal to sponsor 20 personals right and 20 personals left within a 90-day period. Accomplishing 20/20 with a state of urgency in a 90-day period will allow you to create the momentum needed to achieve your goal of hitting SPD. It’s important to remember you are looking for people that are looking to take advantage and run with an opportunity.

Place all personals far left when enrolling on left leg, and far right when enrolling on right leg. By placing your personals under each other both far left and right allows all of them to take advantage of the volume you are creating under them. The strategy behind the 20/20 Vision allows you to have plenty of options for people hungry to build a successful Lifewave business both on your left leg and right. By sponsoring 20 left and 20 right, you’ll have 4-6 people ready to build immediately, 4-6 in the next 60-90 days and 4-6 down the road. You see this way you are not pushing your goals on those you sponsor. Going 20/20 allows you to have people coming to you excited to build which makes building your Lifewave business so much fun.

The THIS IS IT Team of leaders are achieving the rank of Senior Presidential Director SPD, the highest rank in Lifewave at a pace the company has never experienced in 19 years. Every SPD on the THIS IS IT Team implemented the Diamond 20/20 Vision and credits it as a key reason they achieved SPD at such a rapid pace. For this reason, you can have confidence that by duplicating the 20/20 Vision you are implementing what has already been proven by all the THIS IS IT Team Senior Presidential Directors.





THIS IS IT 10 Step System