Your first goal as a new Lifewave Brand Partner is to Go Manager. You must purchase or uprade to a Gold Package or above and be on two sleeve subscription. Then sponsor two Brand Partners left and two right that all purchased or upgraded to a Silver Package or above, and all on minimum of one sleeve subscription. Encouraging everyone to enroll on a Gold Package or above and be on two sleeve subscription as that qualifies a Brand Partner to MAX the LifeWave compensation plan.

Set a goal to Go Manager in 15 days or less. Believe it, speak it, and write down the date in your calendar. Create a sense of urgency to Go Manager, the most important rank of the Lifewave Compensation Plan as fast as you can. It’s important to get of on a Fast Track as your team will duplicate you. Once you are Manager congratulations. Now go help two people Go Manager one on your right leg and one on your left. That makes you Director the second rank in LifeWave. The key to rapidly run through the ranks in LifeWave is simply Go Manager and Break Managers. Do this you and you will experience success in your business.